Covid safe rehearsals

- Wearing a mask during the rehearsals is now optional. If you would like to wear one while we sing, you are more than welcome to. For full disclose, all current members of the choir (including our leader) are choosing to sing without a mask. 

- Please bring a hand sanitiser with you and ensure you wash/sanitize your hands before/after/during rehearsals. 

- There is no formal 'social distancing' measure in place, however, I would ask that everyone remain aware of the space around them and to be respectful of their own and other's space. 

- I will have the windows open and a fan on throughout the whole rehearsal to encourage ventilation and fresh air - if you get cold easily, bring a light cardigan or something suitable to keep you comfortable. 

- You must check in to each rehearsal, preferably via the NHS app, however, I will also take a register for anyone that doesn't have access to a smartphone. 

- If you or anyone you are living with shows any symptoms of COVID-19 please do not attend. 

- If you have been asked to self-isolate or are in a quarantine period following a trip abroad, please do not attend.